The actual situation!

Hi folks,
after a long time of silence without any news/messages from us
-sorry for that, guys…!-
DARKSEED decided not to continue the songwriting we started already almost 2 years ago, or any other band-activities (which was quite rare anyway during the past few years).
It may not be the end, but due to certain circumstances, putting the band on hold (for an uncertain time) seems to be the right decision for us at the moment.
We feel like breaking new musical ground…. individually or partly together with the “old mates”….
Michael, Tommy and Tom are rehearsing new songs in a new band just for fun at the moment (maybe that´s getting more serious, who knows…).
Maurizio is playing with Haggard and Mike is doing his thing with his alternative rock/cover band…..
….and maybe, one day, it´ll feel right again, to Dive Into Darkness….

We wanna say thank you to all the fans for the support and for everything else.
YOU rock!!!!
Stay Dark…..

ps: if there might come any news regarding Darkseed or the bandmembers in the future, make sure to check this site…..


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Digital best of DARKSEED out in May

A best of DARKSEED has been added to our digital-only series.
The best of, entitled “Astral Darkness Awaits”, will feature 14 tracks including 2 bonus trackt that were only available on the limited edition of the physical version of “Poison Awaits”.
“Astral Darkness Awaits” is going feature songs from the following DARKSEED releases: “Astral Adventures”, “Ultimate Darkness” and “Poison Awaits”.
The complete tracklisting will be revealed soon.
“Astral Darkness Awaits” will be available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Musicload other digital music stores
only on May 4, 2012!
DARKSEED - Astral Darkness Awaits

Beltane-Special, Darkseed Live on Stage

Am 30. April 2012 in Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr
Beltane – Special im TIC-ClUB

Am alten Westbahnhof
(Sandstr. 162, 45473 Mühlheim a. d. Ruhr)
Einlass: 20:00 Uhr

Darkseed ernten viel Beifall

Die Gothic Metaller von Darkseed haben die erste Neuheit gleich mitten auf der Bühne stehen. Der Frontmann der Gruppe, Mike Schmutzer, wurde neu ins Boot geholt, weil der bisherige Sänger es zeitlich nicht mehr schaffte, Band und Privatleben unter einen Hut zu bekommen. So sehen sich die Düster Metaller mit vielen neugierigen Blicken konfrontiert, die wissen möchten, wie sich das neue Sprachrohr der Band nun so macht.
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New Frontman and Singer

We are proud to announce that Mike Schmutzer is our new frontman and singer.

In Harrys eyes, there was no chance to reconcile live-dates and his job.
When we started to plan new live-activities, his sight of the things came to surface…..  unfortunately after we announced him as our new singer and did the “Poison Awaits”–album with him.
Due to intolerable interferences like this, there was no other way than to break up with him.

Now we´re very glad to have Mike on board. He´s such a badass-singer/performer and a very kind person.
And the best thing is: We´re ready to rock on stage again!
Welcome, Mike!!!

We are currently planning gigs for 2012 and hope to see you all.

New Endorsement

New Endorsement!!!
Tom is now proudly endorsed by Mayones Guitars & Basses.
Go to to check out their awesome stuff.

Darkseed LIVE!!!

We´ll be headlining the Festival in Munich on Sat 25th of Feb 2012!!!

Heavy Summerbreak Festival

Tickets gibts vorab exklusiv unter:

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“Poison Awaits” nominated as “Best Gothic Metal Album 2010″ @ Metal Storm

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“Poison Awaits” in stores today !

Today we are celebrating the German release of our long-awaited album “Poison Awaits”. We want to thank all our fans for sticking with and believing in us all those years. Hopefully we can live up to your expectations one more time. Song snippets of all the new songs can be checked out on Myspace .

The release in other countries might still take a while as special editions of the album will be made by international distribution partners. In case you do not want to wait any longer: get “Poison Awaits” on iTunes or look out for the (more expensive) import CD. Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it!