The actual situation!

Hi folks,
after a long time of silence without any news/messages from us
-sorry for that, guys…!-
DARKSEED decided not to continue the songwriting we started already almost 2 years ago, or any other band-activities (which was quite rare anyway during the past few years).
It may not be the end, but due to certain circumstances, putting the band on hold (for an uncertain time) seems to be the right decision for us at the moment.
We feel like breaking new musical ground…. individually or partly together with the “old mates”….
Michael, Tommy and Tom are rehearsing new songs in a new band just for fun at the moment (maybe that´s getting more serious, who knows…).
Maurizio is playing with Haggard and Mike is doing his thing with his alternative rock/cover band…..
….and maybe, one day, it´ll feel right again, to Dive Into Darkness….

We wanna say thank you to all the fans for the support and for everything else.
YOU rock!!!!
Stay Dark…..

ps: if there might come any news regarding Darkseed or the bandmembers in the future, make sure to check this site…..